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There are two types of finger food; there are the simple bits such as sausage rolls, sandwiches and crisps as well as the more sophisticated catering ideas such as goujons, chicken skewers and samosas. Both are ideal for social events such as parties or corporate events such as business meetings.

Finger food is supposed to be simple, this doesn’t mean however that you can’t be adventurous when choosing catering options for your event; whether you’re hiring professional caterers or making the food yourself.

The list of the simplest and most enjoyable buffet finger food is unsurprisingly basic and includes:
Although slightly bland these buffet options are ideal for some small events. it can often be easier to provide a simple buffet for events such as business meetings, it all depends on the image you want to create.

buffet finger food ideas

Other events like weddings and birthday parties may require a more advanced finger buffet. For this there is a range of extras which can be added to the list of items above. These include the likes of samosas, slices of pie, chicken nuggets, chilli devil bites, chicken satay and vol et vents. A mixture of the two is a great way to cater for all; again however this is down to the individual and their cooking abilities or budget.

Essentially there are two important things to remember when choosing catering options for your event.

1.What type of food do I want for this event?

If it is a basic event such as a simple business meeting or a low budget birthday party then probably a simple finger buffet would be best. Remember, you don’t want your clients or staff spilling food down their best shirts. If simple is the aim of the game then do just that, everyone likes simple buffet food.

If you want to push the boat out however then don’t be scared to add a little sophistication to your finger buffet. Remember it could be the inclusion of vol et vents that helps seal that all important business deal or impresses the in- laws at that family party.

Hot Finger Foods

2.How much money do I want to spend? 

In the current climate money is at the back of everyone’s minds and given the option most would opt to save a few pounds here and there. Obviously the more basic finger buffet ideas are cheaper.

If you’re on a budget then it is advisable to choose the simple foods, they’re still as tasty and enjoyed by most. If you have a healthy budget however then why not add a few extras to your finger buffet and make a great impression to those guests at your event.

Whether you are having a go at doing the catering yourself or hiring in those who know best, a little extra expense helps create a great spread.

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