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Our plated lunch menus are perfect for ensuring everyone receives the correct amount of food;
each meal is individualy plated and sealed.
Menu 8
£6.00 per head

Round of bread sandwiches - Fillings 50% meat 50% vegetarian
Large pizza slice
Mini sausage roll
Packet of crisps

Includes: plastic plate and napkin
Menu 9
£6.50 per head

Soft wrap with a meat or vegetable filling
Large pizza slice
Bacon and mushroom mini quiche
Packet of crisps
Mini chocolate dessert

Includes: plastic plate and napkin

plated lunches menu 8
plated lunches menu 9
Plated lunches

The plated lunch menus offer a range of benefits;
If you are catering for a large group of people who will be eating at different times
20 people at 12.30pm
30 people at 1pm
20 people at 2pm
The food for the people at 2pm is not going to be as fresh and the choice for the 2pm shift is also not going to be as good.
The solution is to have each part of the lunch individually plated and sealed so the 12.30 shift and the 2pm shift both get the same lunch.

Plated buffet options

Both of the above menus can be changed to your requirements using the options below:
Our extras page is a list of priced items you can choose to create your own menu or swap items from an existing menu on our website.

Hot items can also be provided along side the plated lunches, we use chafing dishes that can be use to keep a range of items hot for 2 -3 hours e.g. potatoes, all of the guests could then help them selves when they are ready.

If you require any help please speak to one of our catering team on 0191 3863682

* Minimum order £50 + VAT
* Delivery charge may apply
* All prices are + VAT - 20%

Plated Buffet Menus and Prices

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