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Finger food is supposed to be simple and ultimately easy to
pick up, hence the term ‘finger food’.
For this reason options such as curry and rice and lasagne are
just not suitable.

Despite this however there is a long list of foods which are suitable.

These include:

Sandwiches for buffets

whether its sliced bread or buns, sandwiches are ideal for a finger buffet. You can include both white and brown bread to add a bit of variety. The list of fillings is endless, don’t be scared to think outside the box but be careful to cater for vegetarians.

corned beef slices

homemade or shop bought, corned beef pie is a great family favourite. Why not cut your pie into small slices and add them to your buffet? Be careful not to cut your slices too big, you don’t want guests using forks to eat your finger buffet.

quiche for parties

cheese and onion, ham, tuna and sweet corn, there is a whole range of fillings you can use to make your quiche a buffet favourite. Why not include a variety? Like to corned beef slices, be careful not to cut your quiche into large slices.

spring rolls for finger buffets

an oriental favourite and a great item to include in a finger buffet. For variety it may be best to include both vegetable and meat spring rolls (duck). Spring rolls can be served either hot or cold.


very popular, especially with kids, crisps help add a bit of variety to a finger buffet. Remember to try and include a range of flavours. You could also add nuts and nachos if you really wanted to provide a full range of savoury snacks.

Chicken nuggets

another popular choice for kids but don’t be scared to include chicken nuggets, the adults secretly love them too. If you are to include a dip then put your nuggets on cocktail sticks, this will once more keep the theme of a finger buffet.

again a snack taken from the oriental range. Like spring rolls you can get various sizes and flavours of samosas so provide a range, after all you don’t want to disappoint your guests.

pizza for parties

best cut into small slices, pizza is often the first thing to disappear from a finger buffet, everyone loves it. If you really want to impress then why not have a go at making your own pizza? Provide a variety of toppings and everyone will be smiling.


similar to chicken nuggets everyone secretly loves a goujon. No need to add cocktail sticks with this one but again it may be wise to supply a salsa dip.

vol au vonts

one for the traditionalists. Vol au vents are ideal for a finger buffet, regardless of the filling. From prawn mayonnaise to chicken and mushroom, vol au vents are always going to be popular regardless.

Just because the catering is simple don’t be afraid to host a finger food party, everyone loves them! The majority of parties involve finger food, from children’s birthdays to wedding buffets.

Take the hasstle out of catering and take a look at our finger buffet menus, all of our finger buffet menus come complete with plates, napkins, table covers, delivery and our delivery team will set out the food for you ready to eat 0191 3863682

buffet finger food ideas

Finger Food For Parties

finger buffet food for parties
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