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For over the past 12 years we have been providing a barbecue catering service to private and corporate clients all over the North of England.

Our barbecues are used for a wide range of events including:

Wedding catering
Corporate events
Barbecue promotions
Garden barbecue parties

In 2005 we launched a new website dedicated to our barbecue catering services, the new website provides you with photographs from our corpoarte events so you can see the barbecue team in action, you can also find sample menus for different occasion and events for example if you are having a garden party simply click on the garden party page and you will find a range of barbecue garden party menus and prices.

We specialise in large corporate events 10,000 + we have barbecue menus designed for these events simply go to our barbecue home page and view the corporate barbecue page or if you would like to create you own barbecue menu we also have a page for that.

Wedding barbecue catering is also a very popular choice, having a barbecue at your wedding reception or evening celebration is a fun way to celebrate with your friends and family.
The barbecue wedding menus we offer can be changed to your requirements we offer two wedding barbecue set menus or you can choose to create your own barbecue menu for our list of barbecue food.

The garden barbecue menus are designed for small events and garden party's, our chef will set up all the equipment and cook the food fresh for you and your guests to enjoy.
The garden barbecue is a very popular option for small weddings and birthdays, we provide everything you require.

We offer a complete package that includes: chefs, staff, equipment, food, delivery, set up and clean up. Everything is included in the price from the largest items to the smaller items e.g. plates and sauces so you don't have to provide anything yourself.

Our barbecue units are 8ft x 2ft long and we have six units so as you can imagine we can serve a large amount of people in a short amount of time if required.
All of our barbecues are charcoal we believe this is the only way to provide a real barbecue experience as it is the only way to char grill the food.

One of our largest jobs last year was serving 5,000 people in under six hours, the barbecue menu was simple consisting of burgers and sausages, everyone at the event was served with in the time frame.

Our prices are very competitive and we cover the entire North of England so if you want something different for your wedding meal or you need hundreds of staff feeding at a corporate event please view the site or give us a call on - 0191 3863682.

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