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This particular job was a 50th birthday party in Newcastle. Held in the function room of a pub, the only catering requirements was the food, the bar and serving of drinks had already been taken care of. The birthday girl had chosen a mixture of hot and cold buffet options, meaning there was a decent spread of food at this function.

Because it was all buffet food at this event there was little need for a member of staff to be in attendance, however they were required to help set up the catering area, making it look as professional as possible.
Executive Catering and Coach Services take appearance very seriously and this event was no different.

Hot buffet and cold buffet

First all the tables that were going to be used for the buffet were covered with white table covers and then covered once more with blue flashers, this helped make the tables look very professional, that was without the food.

Next the cold food was laid out across the tables. All cold food was individually wrapped; this meant they could be left on the table without anything happening to them, for example the sandwiches wouldn’t dry out and go crusty.

When arranging the cold buffet food it was important to spread it across all the tables, mixing different foods to add variety to each section of the table. There is nothing worse than constant repetitive at a buffet. Gaps were left on the buffet tables so the hot options could be added; these were all in chafing dishes so it was important to leave enough room.

cold buffet food

All the hot buffet options had been cooked at the company’s head quarters and then transported in heat insulating dishes and polystyrene lined boxes; this meant they were still hot when they arrived at the event.
From these boxes the food was transported into the chafing dishes that were dotted about the buffet tables. Chafing dishes help keep food hot as the water within them is heated by a series of candles, the steam from the water keeps the food warm, ideal for buffets.

hot buffet items

Once the hot food had been added the buffet was pretty much complete. All necessary crockery, cutlery and serving utensils were laid out on the buffet tables with business cards also added to the layout, these helped add the finishing touches.

Newcastle catering
We provide a wide range of catering menus and services to the Newcastle area please contact us 0191 3863682 to arrange catering for your event.

Because of the nature of this buffet and the simplicity of the hot buffet food this buffet could then be left as it was. The cold food was all covered up and the hot food was being kept hot.

All the birthday girl and her family had to do was remove the seals from the cold food and open the lids on the chafing dishes and the buffet was ready to be served.

Newcastle caterer

Hot and Cold Finger Buffet Newcastle

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