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This event was a charity football dinner, held in Sunderland on behalf of the Durham County Football Association. The venue was a local football club, the room had a bar and plenty of tables and chair but little in terms of catering facilities, this is where Executive Catering Service’s expertise came in handy.

Catering for large numbers, 125 in this case, is not the easiest task in a home kitchen never mind a venue with next to no facilities. To help solve this issue the company devised a well thought out plan, meaning all guests could be fed on sight with little upheaval to the facilities provided by the venue.

Three course meal in Sunderland

The menu for the guests was as follows:

Vegetable soup

Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, vegetables

Chocolate pudding with cream or custard


In order to bypass the issues with cooking food on site, the company decided to cook the food before arriving at the venue. Using the large ovens and cooking hobs at the company’s head quarters, the professional chefs prepared and cooked all the food beforehand.

If you have a large event you require catering for in the Sunderland area please contact us on 0191 3863682

Once cooked all food that needed to be kept warm was stored in a heat insulating container, similar to that used by Chinese takeaways. These containers were then placed into a polystyrene insulated boxes in which they travelled.

The food that couldn’t be stored in these containers such as the vegetables and custard were stored in metal cylinder containers, also heat insulating. Both types of containers keep its contents hot for a long period of time so there was no fear that the food would be cold once served.

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On arrival the food being kept warm in the containers was transferred into individual chafing dishes to be certain that the food was hot when served. These dishes are heated and have a similar effect as a hostess trolley, keeping the food hot until service time.

When the service time arrived guests were asked to visit the service area set up by the company to collect their food, they then took this back to their table. It was arranged that only one table at a time would come to be served, this was to make sure there was no queue and to make the night run as smoothly as possible.

The guests would collect one course at a time, with the assistance of the company’s staff. The staff would serve the guests, asking what vegetables they would like and providing a professional all round service.

After the service of the final course the staff then took away all the cutlery and crockery, these were to be washed back at head quarters. Staff also cleared the service area and disposed of any rubbish left by the company, ensuring that no food had been left or anything spilt.

This event proved to be a huge success and was a great way of solving what could have potentially been a kitchen nightmare. This was not the first job the company had done for the Durham County Football Association and has certainly not been the last. 

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Three Course Meal In Sunderland

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