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This event was an end of year party for staff at a caravan park in Scarborough. The event was held in the function room at the caravan park with Executive Coach and Catering Services providing the food.
The food for this event was a three course meal.

The courses selected by the event organisers were as follows:
As with most events of this nature it was easier for the two members of staff assigned to this job to set up their food station inside the venue and have the guests come to them to be served rather than have waiters and waitresses visiting each table to serve guests.

3 course meal Scarbrough

On arrival the staff set up their serving tables, covering them with table covers and decorating them with flashers. Once the tables had been erected it was now important to set up the chafing dishes, these would be used to keep the food hot before serving.

Each of the three courses had been cooked at the company’s head quarters and transported, if required in dishes similar to those used by takeaway. These were then stacked in insulated hot boxes and transported to the venue. Some items such as the pie and bread rolls did not need to be kept warm.

sit down dinner

The soup was not transported in a hot box, instead it was stored in an insulating metal container. The container not only kept the soup piping hot but also made service easier when it came to serving the starter.

After setting up the tables and chafing dishes all food that could be and needed to be was transferred to a chafing dish. The Chinese containers are designed to fit inside chafing dishes so this made the job a lot easier. This meant the meat and vegetables could be kept warm whilst the staff finished setting up.

To serve the starter the insulated dishes containing the soup were lined up on the table. Moments before guests were called to collect their starter bowls were filled with the hot soup, ready to be served.

The guests were called to the service tables a table at a time. As they arrived they were given a bowl of soup and could choose a bread bun of their choice. As more guests entered the service area more bowls were filled.

Three course meal

The main meal was served in a similar fashion. One member of staff manned the heated containers holding the chicken and the mushroom sauce whilst another served the vegetables from the heated dishes containing the potatoes, green beans and baby corn on the cob.

The respective dishes were situated along the table so guests could line up in an orderly fashion, being served by each member of staff as they passed. Once served the guests would return to their table with their food. Each table was called individually.

A similar process was used to serve the dessert with one member of staff cutting and serving the pie whilst another poured on the cream. Overall this resulted in a very enjoyable evening for all guests and very efficient food service.

scarborough caterer

Three Course Meal In Scarborough

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