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Outdoor events such as street parties and gala's
require a lot of organisation and catering for such
events can be different unless you know who
you're catering for and how to cater for them

Yarm, a town on the banks of the Tees just
outside of Middlesborough have held a gala for
the past four years and the event is very popular,
not only with those from Yarm but with others outside the area too. On Sunday 19th June,
Executive catering services provided the catering for the event for the second year in a row.

The event organisers at Yarm are very welcoming and are aware of how the location of a food station is instrumental to trade. For this reason Executive catering services were given a plot right next to the main attraction, the stage.

From late morning to early evening the four members of staff who were manning the companies two food stations were kept very busy.

One of the food stations was serving hot savoury snacks such as bacon sandwiches; sausage sandwiches, beef burgers and hog roast sandwiches. The other station was serving crepes, with a choice of sweet or savoury fillings.

Because the quality of the food provided by Executive catering services is so impressive and the prices are so reasonable it was not surprising that customers at the gala were coming back time after time throughout the day.

Some customers had come to the gala with just one intention, to try the fabulous food available. Many had remembered the fantastic value for money they had experienced the previous year and therefore couldn't resist visiting the Executive catering services food stations once more. 

During the early hours of the gala most customers were queuing for their eagerly anticipated bacon sandwiches and sausage sandwiches. The bacon and sausages for the sandwiches were cooked in front of the customers within a few minutes and then served in a fresh white bread bun with the customer's choice of sauce.

As the day progressed more and more people were asking for beef burgers and hog roast sandwiches as well as the odd customer still asking for their fix of bacon and sausage sandwiches. More customers than not bought more than one sandwich or burger because there was too much high quality food to choose from.

The hog roast was very popular because it was a novelty and few people had seen a pig being roasted before, never mind tasted it! With customers given the choice of having either apple sauce or stuffing with their hog roast sandwich they really felt all their needs were catered for. Those eager customers who were their early were also treated to some of the North East's finest crackling!

The beef burgers were also extremely popular because of their supreme taste. The burgers  Executive catering services provide at their events are 100% beef and those served at Yarm gala was no different. Locally sourced beef burgers served in fresh white bread buns really can't be beaten!

The crepes being served in the second food station were also popular all day long, so much so that by the end of the gala there was no mixture left to make them with, they must have been tasty. For those who are unaware, crepes are thin savoury pan cakes, they are cooked on a special stove and take only a few minutes to prepare, fast food at its best.
With a choice of crepe fillings ranging from strawberries and cream to cheese and onion, the customers at the gala were spoilt for choice, similarly to the sandwiches many bought more than one. The queue for the crepe station didn't disappear till the end of the day, to the bemusement of the man occupying the ice cream stall opposite.

In addition to the food served at the gala, Executive catering services also provided liquid refreshments for their customers, something to wash their delicious food down with. The variety of cold cans of fizzy pop sold very well, this was very pleasing considering the weather in Yarm on the day of the gala wasn't the greatest. Yarm gala is a great event for people in Yarm and those who live locally, the presence of  Executive catering services without doubt improves the popularity of the event. There is no substitute for fresh, locally sourced food and I am sure the people of Yarm and the organisers of the event would agree.

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Yarm Gala Event Catering

Author: Andrew Robson
yarm gala 2011
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