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Mobile Bar In Durham City

Mobile bars are one of the extra services Executive Coach and Catering Services provide. As its title suggests mobile bars can be transported and erected anywhere and this job was no different.

To fit in with the needs of the happy couple getting married this bar was to be erected inside a marquee in the middle of a field, not your average job.

Mobile bar Durham

The bride and groom were holding both their day time and evening reception inside the marquee and therefore needed their bar to be stocked with enough liquid refreshments to last the whole day. The company is very loose with the types of drinks it can provide, the choice is very much down to customer preference.

Three members of staff visited the venue the day before to set up the bar and to analyse the dimensions of the venue. Due to the scale of this event the company had to transport two large chest fridges in addition to the two smaller fridges which are usually used for these events. All fridges were filled with refreshments in anticipation for the following day.

They stacked the two smaller fridges on top of each other, with a large fridge either side. The bar was erected in front of these fridges and the bar was decorated with small towels, like you find in a pub, this helped create a professional looking drinks service area.

mobile bars durham

For this event the bride and groom had chosen a large range, including the following:

Stella Artois
Bottle of wine
Coca Cola
Diet Coke

The drinks listed above were all either canned or bottled, hence why they were able to be stored in the fridges. However, like most events of this nature the bride and groom also requested a real ale keg. The company purchased this keg and fitted a pump to the bar area, this helped add variety to the options available but also added to the appearance of the bar area, very professional looking.

Mobile bar north east

The event itself was a great success and the bar was a huge hit. The drinks available from the fridges, the bottles of wine on sale and the real ale were tailored to suit the needs of all guests and this helped make the mobile bar so popular, there was something for everyone.

Two members of staff worked behind the ball for the whole day on the day of the wedding, catering for the needs of all guests. They restocked the fridges, served customers and tidied the bar area, just like you would find in a pub.Mobile bars are becoming more and more popular with a lot of couples now opting for a less traditional wedding.

This event and in particular the success of the bar was a great demonstration of Executive Coach and Catering Service’s flexibility and professional approach to catering even when it does not concern food.

If you are considering hiring a mobile bar for your wedding or event please take a look at some of our mobile options here or give us a ring to discuss the details with a meber of our team.

Mobile bar fridges

Mobile bar event
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