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Fish and chips are always a family favourite but what about a healthier way to eat your fish? It can be hard sometimes to get your children accustomed to eating seafood but with a little imagination and
some clever disguising your grill fish will become the new family favourite.

If you plan to grill over an open flame then I would suggest you buy a non-stick fish grill basket. They are an excellent way to easily rotate your fish and also gives you the ability to cook practically any
where outdoors. These basket can also be an asset to the indoor griller. The ease of cleaning will ensure a quick and steady clean up for those with little time on their hands.

The best kind of fish to grill would be a salmon steak. Salmon steaks still have the fish’s backbone attached that helps hold the fish together so that is doesn’t fall apart while cooking. The skin that
remains on the salmon also ensures the fish stays moist. If you are thinking of grilling salmon be sure to have the steaks cut to at least an inch thick.

Another great dish to grill is prawns. It is probably one of the easiest to grill when placed on a skewer. Once on a skewer the prawns are easily turned to allow even cooking to occur. A tip which you might find useful is to leave the shells on the prawn which you will find adds to the flavour.

Meaty texture fish which is also easy to grill is the swordfish. Due to the desity of the fish it does not fall apart easily while cooking. With all fish be sure to wash them well and pat dry prior to cooking.

Now that you have chosen your fish it’s time to make a perfect marinade to accompany them . Below I have listed a few recipes, which I find appetising. Remember a marinade is meant to be left preferably, overnight to allow all the flavours to absorb into the fish.

How To Grill Fish

Author: Katie Mae Hewitson
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