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Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

This job was a summer hog roast, closure of a North East factory. The workers were all in attendance, looking forward to their summer break and enjoying the food.

As a company we offer a range of catering options for outdoor events such as this one. From barbecues to food stations and everything in between. However hog roasts are the most popular and are a great idea when looking to cater for a large number of people, this time 800 people.

hog roast north east

These types of events are quite popular around July time when factories are closing for their summer break and Executive Coach and Catering Services do a lot of this type of catering with many local businesses choosing us year after year.

For this particular event we needed to be at the factory site for two sittings to make sure everyone was fed. The day shift workers were fed at lunchtime and the afternoon shift workers in the evening. With three members of staff on the job serving that amount of people wasn’t too difficult.

The staff arrived at the site in plenty of time, wary that the stall needed to be set up and the pig given time to be fully heated through. The staff arrived at 10am and set the hog roast station up on site, a short distance from the factory.

north east hog roast

Because of factory regulations regarding lunch breaks and how much time the workers spend off the factory floor it was vital that the serving of the food was quick and efficient. The workers were only allowed to be away from work for so long.

This made it even more essential that the stall was set up in plenty of time and everything was arranged appropriately so the operation could run smoothly. Tables were set up within the work area; these were covered, helping to create a professional appearance.

When it was time for the workers to leave the factory and come for their food the three workers manning the hog roast station worked efficiently. Because of the sheer numbers it was important that the trio devised some kind of system between them so they could work together as a team.

hogroast north east

Two members of staff served the workers, asking if they wanted stuffing and apple sauce with their sandwich whilst the third member carved the pig and filled the sandwiches with the pork.
This system was very effective, meaning the workers weren’t stood queuing for ages and didn’t over run their lunch break and that the members of staff working on the stall could serve the customers quickly.

The same system was used for both sittings. The hog roast station was left erected during sittings although staff went back to the company head quarters between sittings. The workers all enjoyed their dinner and as mentioned at the beginning of this article, the company is developing a good reputation for this type of event.

north east hogroast

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