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Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

This particular event was for the freshers week event at Newcastle University. Like most of Executive Coach and Catering Services’ hog roast events, a large number of guests were expected, we were asked to cater for 600.
hog roast newcastle

Entrance to this event was exclusive to those who had bought a pass to the freshers event, this made it easier to gauge how many people were expected to be in attendance. The price of a pass to the event included the price of the hog roast so no money actually changed hands between the staff on the stall and the customers, this makes serving easier.

The company was paid up front for this event regardless of how many sandwiches were sold. The money the university generated from the sale of freshers event passes would go towards the cost of the hog roast and other stalls at the event.

newcastle hog roast

For Executive Coach and Catering Services this was ideal, we had been paid regardless of whether it rained all day or if the turnout was poor.  This said however the company and its staff still needed to adopt a professional attitude and on the day they did not let anyone down.

The stall was set up in its usual manner with a gazebo, a selection of tables to which to serve from and the necessary equipment such as the hog roast machine and the chafing dishes.
Because this was a sales event it was vital that the stall was decorated professionally and that everything looked in place. The outside of the gazebo was decorated with banners advertising the company and its services and on the inside the tables were nicely covered and decorated. Overall the appearance of the stall was perfect.

hogroast newcastle

The appearance of the stall was not the only thing that went right on this particular day, the stall and the event as a whole was a huge success. All four members of staff manning the stall were kept busy throughout the day.

Although 600 customers were estimated to be in attendance the staff on the stall managed to keep on top of the queues and still provide a professional service despite being rushed off their feet. Many of those in attendance tried to come back for more sandwiches, despite already using their pass so the food must have been good.

Overall this event was very successful. The professionalism of the staff, the appearance of the stall and of course the taste of the food made this particular hog roast event a huge hit with those who were lucky enough to be there. 

newcastle hogroast

If you are planning a freshers day please contact us we offer a wide range of food options.

Hog Roast Catering in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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