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Durham Town Hall is a fantastic venue for a wedding reception but unfortunately it does not have its own catering facilities. Over the years Executive Coach and Catering Services have developed a good relationship with the venue and have provided catering for their events on many occasions.

For this particular wedding reception the bride and groom had requested a three course meal. The menu was as follows:
wedding at durham town hall

Durham Town Hall is divided into two function rooms. The larger of the two is the main hall and this was where the event was taking place, the smaller room was used as a service area in which the three members of staff working the event set up serving tables.

These tables were covered and decorated, fitting in with the theme of the wedding. The two rooms are separated by just one day. This is handy when wanting to set up out the way of guests and also handy when service time arrives, meaning there is little distance for guests to walk and food does not need to be transported very far.

The service tables were covered with the appropriate equipment for each course. Initially, for the starter, insulated cylinders containing the soup were lined up on the table. Moments before guests arrived from the main hall bowls were filled with the hot soup, ready to be served.

Durham town hall wedding

The guests were called to the smaller room a table at a time. As they arrived they were given a bowl of soup and could choose a bread bun of their choice. As more guests entered the service area more bowls were filled.

The main meal was served in a similar fashion. One member of staff manned the heated containers holding the pork and the pot of apple sauce whilst another served from the heated dish of potatoes and another from the broccoli and carrots.

The respective dishes were situated along the table so guests could line up in an orderly fashion, being served by each member of staff as they passed. Once served the guests would return to their table with their food. Each table was called individually.

The dessert was served rather differently. The platters and individual cheesecakes were brought into the hall by the members of staff and placed on the tables. Guests were then invited to help themselves. The desserts were strategically placed on the tables so everyone was able to feed themselves from at least one platter.

If you are planning a wedding in the Durham area please take a look at our wedding catering page for menu choices and prices, We service the entire North East of England.

Durham Town Hall Wedding Catering

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