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The Executive Coach and Catering crepe stall is a permanent fixture at the Dalton Park shopping outlet in Seaham during the summer months.

The stall is given a prime location within the outlet, perfect for attracting a large number of customers and the service provided has helped the stall and the company as a whole develop an unrivalled reputation within the catering industry. Some days the stall can attract up to 600 customers.

The success of the stall is staggering considering the range of other food outlets within the Dalton Park complex. The reputation of the stall and the company has helped it become a huge hit with customers in the Seaham area of County Durham

crepe food station

As well as the fantastic customer service and the reputation of the company, the range of products available at the stall has helped it become very popular with adults, children and families who shop at the outlet. The range of products includes:

Banana and chocolate sauce crepes

Strawberry and fresh cream crepes

Lemon and sugar crepes

Ham and cheese crepes

Tuna mayonnaise and onion crepes

Cheese tomato and onion crepes

The stall is always manned by one of the company’s professional chefs, with additional staff providing assistance when a lot of customers are expected, for example during sales periods.
Each crepe is made fresh in front of the eyes of the customer.

The hours around the lunchtime period are obviously the peak periods for the stall with the majority of customers to the outlet looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. With steep competition from other more permanent stalls and shops it has been vital for the company to market their Dalton Park crepe stall appropriately.

crepe food stations

Although the crepe station at Seaham has been the company’s most consistent crepe stall, they have also been used to provide catering at private events and can be hired for weddings, parties and other private events as well as public catering.

The crepes prove very popular at Yarm’s annual gala. At this event they are sold alongside a hot snack station which sells hog roast sandwiches, beef burgers, sausage sandwiches and bacon sandwiches.

Whether on its own at Dalton Park or at another event with other catering units, the crepe stall is always popular, its success at Seaham shows how much the public enjoy its products.

Crepe Food Station Catering at Dalton Park Seaham County Durham

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