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This barbecue event was rather different, it was a promotional event at a car dealership in Durham. The barbecue was just one part of a series of events that were going on at the dealership over this particular weekend.

The dealership were trying to increase sales and thought the presence of a barbecue would help. In total 300 customers were catered for.

barbecue catering durham

The barbecue menu was small but everyone was well catered for, it included:

Lincolnshire sausage sandwich with onions
Pork ribs in a spicy barbecue sauce
Beef burger with fried onions
Corn on the cob
Veggie kebabs

Because of the amount of food which needed to be cooked on the barbecue it was important to arrive at the venue early, we all know how temperamental barbecues can be. The barbecues used by Executive Coach and Catering Services are very large, about four times the size of a regular household barbecue.

barbecue catering durham city

Before setting the barbecue alight it was important to set up the food service area. The three members of staff working the event decided not to set up a gazebo on arrival as the weather was good, this proved to be a good decision. Instead they erected a selection of tables.

Both steel and plastic tables were put up. The plastic ones were decorated with table covers; they were used to serve from. The metal ones were used to store hot barbecue equipment that would easily melt that plastic tables.

The covered plastic tables were then arranged in a line, forming both a service area and a storage area. Heated chafing dishes were then placed on top of these tables, these helped keep food hot once it had been cooked on the barbecue.

durham barbecue caterer

Because this event was to last all day there was no rush to cook all of the food before serving. Instead the chefs decided to cook only so much food at a time, ensuring there was always a range of food available. This meant that cooked food wasn’t out in the open for hour after hour.

Because the food was being stored in chafing dishes it was being kept hot, as if it had just come off the barbecue, this meant it didn’t matter if some guests wanted to wait till later on to be served, cooking all the food first however and storing it in chafing dishes would not have been wise.

When customers arrived at the showroom they were instantly drawn to the barbecue, the smell of the food cooking being the main attraction. Although not all of the food had been cooked upfront there was always plenty of choice when people visited the service area and they knew it was all fresh produce.

Due to the success of this event Executive Coach and Catering Services have now done a number of barbecue events at this particular dealership and the presence of our top quality food and service seems to have a positive effect on sales.

Check out our article on BBQ sales promotions for more information about this service and how it can increase sales.

durham barbecue caterer

If you are considering having a BBQ promotion or sales event at your work place give us a ring we cover the entire North of England.

Take a look at our BBQ catering website for menus and prices or simply give us a call 0191 3863682

Barbecue Catering In Durham City

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